Complete Reliability Package $160.00 includes:

  • Polish Feed Ramp & Throat Barrel

  • Polish & Adjust the Extractor

  • Polish Breech Face

  • Chamfer Firing Pin Hole

  • Lower & Flare Ejection Port (if needed)

  • Check for Correct Function of Complete Firearm

  • Test Fire Weapon with Customer Supplied Ammo (Optional)

Sight Work

  • Machine Cut for Front Dovetail Sight $40.00

  • Machine Cut for Rear Sight $105.00 (Novaks, Heinie, Wilson)

- Hand checker rear of slide $65.00
- Checker Front Strap on 1911 Frames $260.00
  (Colt, Springfield, Ruger, S&W, Dan Wesson, Rem.R1 Frames Only)
- Counter sink slide stop hole (right side) and shorten slide stop axle $45.00 (req. refinish)
- Flush Cut & Recrown Barrel $45.00
- Polish & Adjust Extractor $25.00
- Polish Feed Ramp/Throat Barrel $55.00
- Fit Match Grade Barrel Bushing $30.00
- Dehorn complete pistol or revolver for carry (refinish required) $45.00
- Install sights labor only $50.00
- Machine dovetail cut for front sight labor only $35.00
- Machine cut for rear sight labor only $100.00
- No adjustable sights installations

Gun work will ONLY be available as our shop work load allows. Contact us for specific time and cost of work required. Most work will only add 1 to 2 weeks to the turnaround time.

Ship guns directly to Metaloy Industries Inc. via UPS or FedEx.

Ship your handgun or long gun directly to the address on our website. Handguns or serialized frames & receivers must ship over night…long guns and parts can go ground service.

Ship to:
3430 Hwy. 143
Berryville, AR 72616

You must include all credit card information along with your firearm in order to be put on our schedule. Need name & address on card statement, card number, expire date, 3 digit code from backside of card. Please include email address for receipt confirmation.

Do not send extra magazines or items that we do not need to have. Guns cases & rugs will be returned to you.

NOTICE: If UPS or FedEx says they will not ship unless they have our FFL that is what the FFL eZcheck website is for. They can enter first 3 and last 5 numbers of our FFL to verify our current FFL status. Our license numbers are 5-71 and 02447. A copy of our FFL will NOT be provided as it is for other FFL dealers not for shipping carriers.

Metaloy Industries, Inc. is a BBB Accredited Metal Finisher in Berryville, AR