Metaloy™ Hard Chrome Finish

The ‘Original’ Metaloy™ hard chrome finish is the finish by which all others are measured. It is extremely hard and abrasion resistant. Specifically named our "Starburst" finish, it is an attractive, soft matte silver finish that actually reduces surface glare. It will protect against rust, corrosion, holster wear and the everyday knocks like no other finish. Metaloy™hard chrome will enhance the function of your gun, prevent sliding contact surfaces from galling as well as add value and a pleasing appearance to any hand gun or rifle. We have numerous reports of guns plated in the early '80's that look as good as the day they came out of our shop. It's as close to a lifetime finish as you can get. Trust your gun to the ‘Original.’

  • Metaloy® Complete Handgun or Revolver $370.00
  • Metaloy® Frame Assembly $325.00
  • Metaloy® Complete Para-Ord. race gun or SVI & STI race gun $370.00
  • Metaloy® Stripped STI or SVI frame, no parts $155.00
  • Metaloy® 1911 Slide only (includes FP stop and 1 extractor) $160.00
  • Metaloy® HK, XD or SIG Slides $175.00 (includes barrel, extractor)
  • Brush 1911 Slide for chrome $75.00 (sides only)
  • Metaloy® Complete Bolt Action Rifle $360.00
  • Complete Lever Action Rifle $355.00
  • Bolt Action Receiver Only $160.00
  • Rifle Bolt Only $130.00
  • Rifle or Shotgun Barrel $135.00
  • Scope Rings & Bases w/all screws $130.00
  • AR15 Bolt & Carrier $160.00
  • Pistol Mag Tubes or 1911 barrels $45.00 each
  • Metaloy Extra Screws or Pins $14.00 each
  • Metaloy Extra Ham., Thumb Safety, Slide Stop, Grip Safety, Magwell, etc. $22.00 each

TactiKote® Finish

The TactiKote® finish from Metaloy Industries is some of the best polymer type finish available anywhere today. Applied by a proprietary process, TactiKote® is perfect for all handguns, shotguns, bolt action and AR 15 style rifles. During application, we maintain excellent control of build up. The under coat alone has phenomenal anticorrosion properties that also aid in adhesion of the finish coat. TactiKote® is very durable and provides a corrosion resistant finish to all types of firearms. It exceeds all standard and Mil-Spec. salt spray tests as well as chemical, solvent and acid tests. Extremely high and low temperature environments are no problem for TactiKote®. This finish is available in flat and semi-gloss black, OD green, desert tan, dark gray and Metaloy™ silver. TactiKote® can be applied to all alloy receivers and parts. Additional colors are available on a special order basis.

Whether it is a serious hunting rifle or an everyday defensive carry weapon, TactiKote® has it covered.

  • TactiKote® Complete handgun or Revolver $270.00
  • TactiKote® Frame Assemble $245.00
  • TactiKote® Stripped Frame No Parts $135.00
  • TactiKote® Slide & Parts $130.00
  • TactiKote® Complete Bolt Action Rifle $255.00
  • TactiKote® Complete AR15 Style Rifle $280.00
  • TactiKote® Complete Shotgun $220.00
  • TactiKote® Shotgun or Rifle Barrel Only $120.00
  • TactiKote® Extra Small parts $11.00 each

Miscellaneous Fees

  • WE do not charge for disassembly for most handguns
  • Strip off Nickel finish $150.00 WE only strip nickel if we are re finishing
  • Strip off hard chrome $75.00
  • RUSH Jobs available Add $100.00 (72 Hour Turnaround-Does not include shipping time) Does NOT include shipping cost
  • TactiKote® Polymer finish colors available: Flat & Semi Gloss Black, Flat OD Green, Flat Dark Earth and Silver.

3.5% credit card fee will be added to total
All Finish Prices are subject to change with out notice.

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Metaloy Industries, Inc. is a BBB Accredited Metal Finisher in Berryville, AR